Now that the ‘old’ physicspages has been discontinued, I am considering how to use the site in the future (considering I’m in a contract to pay for the domain name for the next couple of years, so I’d like to use it for something!) I am thinking of perhaps posting some general articles about some aspects of physics and associated mathematics. The idea would be to take a topic which is often glossed over in textbooks and give a more detailed, in-depth look at it.

If anyone has suggestions as to what topics might be useful, or what other types of articles would be useful, please leave a comment below.


Please note that I cannot accept requests to post solutions to problems taken from textbooks, or from assignments you have been given by a university or college. If you want help of that sort, please consult sites such as Physics Forums or Physics StackExchange.

Also, please note that my experience is fairly limited (the last time I was a ‘professional physicist’ was back in the 1980s), so I won’t be able to write articles on most of the areas currently in the frontiers of physics. Most of my expertise lies in topics commonly covered in undergraduate physics courses.

Thanks for your help.

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2 Responses to Suggestions?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You have been a very important person in the physics community. Many people learn by studying the solutions to a problem instead of figuring it out themselves and i was one of them. I guess physics now became a privilege only to the individuals with that specific kind of thinking. I don’t even understand how a solution to a problem should constitute a copyright violation. Did they invent physics, math or vocabulary? I am sure this doesn’t make sense legally, but i also understand you don’t want to risk it. What would be ideal would be if an individual has happened, to download your content, he should share it in a zip file in some torrent site. So the knowledge is continued to spread. I am learning General Relativity on my own, using a classic textbook that you had post some solutions. Now, between my work, my msc and this (hobby) i don’t actually have time to dwelve in this. Cause i have n time to solve things on my own for things i am not comfortable with (like tensors). though i could study them in my own free time, by studying solutions. Project gone i guess… I wish i knew this earlier, i would have downloaded the solutions. Even better, i would rip all the site, make a zip file and torrent it.


  2. thebodyelectromagnetic says:

    Your site organization is really nice. Your workflow may be amenable to a system like — written in obsidian (using markdown with wikilinks) and published through their managed service . I’m working on something similar, aggregating Creative-Commons physics materials using Dendron, — written in the vscode extension, Dendron (also using markdown and wikilinks) . Publishing with Dendron through github pages is free and can allow anyone download your raw content source and/or pdfs. From a link on a physics page, those with a github account can edit and submit a pull request.

    These new tools (Obsidian and Dendron) are making it possible for the average user to perform their research in a wiki-style environment. To experiment with this, my goal is to crystalize knowledge around MIT OCW content after transposing its physics course structures into my site. If you’re interested in this I’ll post a link to my repo when I make it public… Not the best explanation, just some ideas 🙂


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