S matrix in Coleman’s model 2

S matrix in Coleman’s model 2

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2 Responses to S matrix in Coleman’s model 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t the result that S = 1 be a little bit weird, since this means that a wave packet will also not scatter? I think Coleman does explain that since the source is time-independent there won’t be any energy transfer. However we can still have momentum transfer, and as along as the momentum transfer just turn the propagating direction of the wave packet without changing the magnitude of the momentum, then I think it is still fine. But this is certainly inconsistent with S = 1, which means that it is impossible for a wave packet to turn its direction. This is also not quite fit with my own intuition also, as we learn in the scattering of non-relativistic QM that we can have momentum transfer and the momentum transfer is given by the (spatial) Fourier component of the static source. I wonder if you have some comment on this. Thanks for the reading!


    • growescience says:

      I have to admit I don’t understand why his model 2 doesn’t allow energy transfer but does allow momentum transfer. I must be missing something fundamental or obvious.


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