Feynman diagrams for phi-cubed theory

Feynman diagrams for phi-cubed theory

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3 Responses to Feynman diagrams for phi-cubed theory

  1. AryaDatta says:

    In case of the diagrams at the 2nd order, should we not have one more? That should arise as a disconnected diagram, comprising two connected parts: one being the delta function term corresponding to free propagation of a particle, and the other being a vacuum diagram. The vacuum diagram would look like the dumbbell diagram of Fig. 22.2(a) from L&B, and has a contraction of phi(y) with itself, a contraction of phi(w) with itself, and a contraction of phi(y) with phi(w): completing all 6 phi terms in the process.


    • AryaDatta says:

      In short, what I mean is that there should be an extra diagram at 2nd order which would look pretty much like figure 20.3(a) of L&B. Sorry if this is confusing without explicit drawings. 😦


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