Quantum Field Theory

Due to popular demand, I’ll try to restore some of the posts I had on quantum field theory. As I mentioned before, I don’t feel that my understanding of this topic is good enough for the posts to be all that useful, so please interpret them with caution.

I’m trying to get my knowledge of quantum mechanics up to a level where I can tackle QFT properly, but this will take some time.

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2 Responses to Quantum Field Theory

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir, with respect to your query about a truly introductory book on quantum field theory, i have the following suggestion based on personal experience. I think that Quantum Field Theory by Prof Thanu Padmanabhan really is a good candidate for your choice. This book move aside the conventional approach of canonical quantization to begin with the path integral formulation leading to the concept of fields. Prof Padmanabhan’s exposition is quite brilliant. Plus more or less exactly following the content of the book is his online video lectures on Youtube.


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