Relativity complete

I’ve now completed the restoration of my notes on Moore’s and d’Inverno’s books, and added a topic index to my posts on relativity (which also includes notes on Chapter 12 of Griffiths’s Electrodynamics book).

Next to restore: my notes on Schroeder’s Thermal Physics.

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19 Responses to Relativity complete

  1. incomprehensiblething says:
    I believe your statement that “no object can travel faster than light” is misleading. There is a much cited paper by Davis and Lineweaver (2003) called “Expanding Confusion: common misconceptions of cosmological horizons and the superluminal expansion of the universe”. In it they state: “there is no contradiction with special relativity when faster than light motion occurs outside the observer’s inertial frame” and “it is well-accepted that general relativity, not special relativity, is necessary to describe cosmological observations.” The first misconception they discuss is that “recession velocities cannot exceed the speed of light”. Apparently they can. And not only can they but we can also (counter-intuitively) observe galaxies with superluminal velocities. All objects with redshift greater than about 1.46 are are receding faster than the speed of light.


  2. Josh Liu says:

    Wow. Algebra is good on last program, thank you sir.
    Can you check the answer for 26.8. Moore says 1540 Gy, I says also 9×10^3 Gy…
    Will you continue with Moore’s book post chapter 23.


  3. Josh Liu says:

    Hi Sir!
    Firstly thank you much for this web page.
    Teaching myself is very hard but your webpages makes it easy.
    I was wondering if you can help discuss 14.09.
    Author says 7.5 seconds.
    You say 15.47 seconds.
    Calculus perhaps?


  4. Josh Liu says:

    Hi Sir!
    I think You’re answer for 14.02 incorrect.
    Author has approximately half you’re answer.
    Thank you. These questions giving me a lot of difficulty.


    • growescience says:

      I’ve fixed this now. The problem was that the object doesn’t start from rest at 2GM. See the post for details.


  5. Josh Liu says:

    Hi sir!
    Your’e answer for 12.09 incorrect I think.
    Author give partial answer here.


  6. Josh Liu says:

    Firstly thank you much for this web page.
    Teaching myself is very hard but your webpages makes it easy.
    I was wondering if you can share the image that is referenced in problems 15.7 and 15.9.
    Both problems make reference to a KS diagram yet I find none. The KS diagrams are hard for me so this would help a lot.


  7. George Holub says:

    For Moore, Problem 19.4, it has what appears to be an invalid URL – “” as it results in a 404-File or directory not found


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