Progress report

The restoration of physicspages is still ongoing. So far I’ve restored the first 6 chapters of Griffiths’s Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, and I’ve now switched to Griffiths’s Introduction to Electrodynamics. My reasoning is that these two books were the most popular on the old site, and as the university year is just beginning, I suspect that the earlier chapters of these books will be of more help to most readers.

I plan to publish further progress reports as the process continues and, once the restoration is complete, I’ll use this blog to announce new posts, as well as to receive and reply to comments and error reports on existing posts.

You can either check this blog periodically if you’re interested, or else you can subscribe via email using the link in the sidebar on the right.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope you still find the site useful.

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3 Responses to Progress report

  1. Sharaban Tahura says:

    I am eagerly waiting for Quantum Field Theory notes. Those helped me a lot before. And now I am in need of it!


  2. Lyle Arnett says:

    I’m actually in an EM class right now that is using Griffiths’. Thanks for taking the trouble to rebuild the site!


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