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This blog is for comments and reports of errors on my site. I will also post notifications of new articles published on the main site using this blog, so if you want  to be kept up to date, check here regularly, or else  subscribe to it for email notifications. I realize this may look like a roundabout way of organizing things, but I don’t trust WordPress with anything substantial any more.

If you’re reporting an error or want clarification of an equation in an article, PLEASE include:

  • The URL of the page – just copy this from the browser’s address bar at the top.
  • The equation number containing the error.
  • And of course, what you think is wrong with it.

Thanks, and I hope you find the new site as useful as the old one.



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Symmetry of states formed from two equal spins

New post here

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Projection operators for general L + spin-1/2

New post here.

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Links and pingbacks

I’ve now added links back to the home page and comment blog in all PDF files, which should make navigating easier.

I’ve also added a list of pingbacks at the bottom of each post. A pingback is a link from another page that has referenced the current page. This should also help if you want to find related articles. (Fortunately, I was able to write a program that automated this process.)

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Restoration complete

I have now restored fully the articles that were on the original site.

I hope you find the new site useful. As always please leave a comment if you discover a broken link or other error, or if you just want to say something nice(!)

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Thermal physics complete

I have now restored all my notes on Schroeder’s Thermal Physics book. Again, note that this doesn’t mean that all the problems in the book have been answered; only those problems that I have worked out are posted.

There is also a topic index for thermal physics.

The last book that remains to be done is Carroll & Ostlie’s Astrophysics textbook.

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Relativity complete

I’ve now completed the restoration of my notes on Moore’s and d’Inverno’s books, and added a topic index to my posts on relativity (which also includes notes on Chapter 12 of Griffiths’s Electrodynamics book).

Next to restore: my notes on Schroeder’s Thermal Physics.

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Electrodynamics fully restored

I have now completed the restoration of my notes and solution to Griffiths’s Introduction to Electrodynamics. Note that this does not mean that solutions to all the problems are there; I’ve just restored those solutions that I had worked out on the old site.

Next up: Moore’s General Relativity Workbook.

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