Free ebooks from Springer

If you need something to cheer you up during this coronavirus pandemic, the publisher Springer is offering a number of scientific books for free (in electronic form), presumably as an aid to anyone wishing to study at home. The list doesn’t include any of the books that I’m doing posts on, but it looks like there is a good selection of physics and mathematics books from a variety of fields, many of them aimed at the undergraduate level, so it’s worth checking out. The books are available as PDFs, with some of them also in epub format. You can find the list here.

I imagine this offer will last only as long as the pandemic lasts, so it’s worth checking it out sooner rather than later.

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S matrix in Coleman’s model 2

S matrix in Coleman’s model 2

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Curvature of 2-dimensional surface

Curvature of 2-dimensional surface

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Locally flat coordinates on the sphere

Locally flat coordinates on the sphere

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Locally flat coordinates in the Poincaré half-plane

Locally flat coordinates in the Poincaré half-plane

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Curvature of a torus

Curvature of a torus

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Eskimo mite metric revisited

Eskimo mite metric revisited

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